Cargo transportation

Cargo transportation


Container shipments are of the following types:

  • Sea container shipping

  • Ground (road and rail)

  • Water (water)

  • Mixed type

Combining all these types of shipments you can transport cargo across Russia and the world, even to the most remote corners of door-to-door, and that is very important without shifting the load. And the owner may not worry about the safety of the cargo - the cargo is fully insured, and the containers are sealed and printed out in the presence of the customer.

Container Delivery Stages

  • Freight Freight

  • Delivery of the required type of container

  • Delivery control at all stages of transportation and informing the client.

  • Forwarding in the Sea Port of St. Petersburg at all terminals

  • Organization of inspection (customs, veterinary, quarantine)

  • Container Weighing Organization

  • Autotransport delivery to the recipient's warehouse.


BALTRA company provides customs services in the design of consolidated cargo and provides customs clearance services. The main difficulty in international transportation of groupage cargoes is the customs clearance of cargoes.

For customs clearance of goods necessary to obtain a package of permits. Depending on the type of goods and transport, various certificates, licenses, documents on veterinary control, phytosanitary certificates are required. Thus, independent customs clearance of goods will greatly increase the time of transportation. In addition, customs clearance requires certain professional knowledge and legal literacy. Thus, it is much more efficient to use the services of our company, which not only advises, but is directly involved in the process of customs clearance of goods.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive support in the following areas:

  • Customs clearance

  • Storage of goods in warehouses

  • Customs services


The company BALTRA successfully organizes the transportation of oversized cargo door-to-door from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, Latin America, China, Japan and other parts of the world to Russia, as well as export cargo from Russia. The company's specialists will calculate the optimal transportation routes and types of transport, depending on the nature of the goods. At the request of customers is insured against all risks throughout the route. Long-term partnerships with terminals and ferry lines that have ship calls at the port of St. Petersburg allow for flexibility and efficiency in dealing with the delivery of goods by sea.

Our company provides services for the organization of survey services for oversized and heavy cargoes:

  • cargo inspection during unloading / loading;

  • control of the passage of goods;

  • load securing control;

  • control of quantity, quality, complete set of cargo;

  • control and marking;

  • determination of the dimensions of the cargo.

Operational monitoring of the movement of cargo allows you to quickly inform the client about the location of the goods in real time.


General cargo - piece goods, goods or products that are transported in boxes, bags, barrels, containers, bales, big bags, packages or in other types of packaging of goods.

General cargo may include the following types of goods:

• hire, tape, wire, fittings, metal ingots, ingots, scrap metal and other various metal products;
• self-propelled and non-self-propelled tracked or wheeled vehicles, i.e. mobile vehicles;
• reinforced concrete structures and products;
• containers;
• cargo in transport packages;
• piece goods in packaging (for example, in boxes made of various
materials and different sizes);
• heavy and bulky cargo;
• various types of timber (boards, lumber, plywood, etc.);
• cement, non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates in big bags;
• cat-barrel loads, that is, various loads in barrels, baskets, drums.

General cargo can NOT include bulk cargo (oil products or fuel, liquid and caustic substances, as well as other dangerous goods), bulk or bulk cargo (crushed stone, sand, ore, coal and grain).

General cargoes are limited in size and are divided into regular, long (over 3 meters) and oversized, which by their weight are divided into lightweight and heavy with an excess weight of more than 5 tons.

Transportation of general cargo, as a rule, is carried out by a full transport batch - a wagon, a container or a road train, on ships of regular lines. General cargo may be shipped in bulk. At the same time for the delivery of general cargoes, a separate document is drawn up - the cargo list.

General cargo must always be prepared for transportation with regard to the requirements for the products being transported. These requirements are approved by the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Depotting and Securing Goods (Assembly Resolution A.714 (17)), SOLAS Convention 74.

When transported by sea transport, the cargo declared for transportation must meet all the conditions and requirements of sea transportation and the established standards applicable to transportation:

• serviceability of packaging and packaging;
• availability of seals and serviceability of locks, control tapes;
• lack of flow of liquid goods;
• compliance of the packaging with the established requirements for the cargo;
• the presence on the packaging of clear markings and warning signs and labels;
• no wet loads that are afraid of it;
• exclusion of odors and other signs of damage to the cargo.

The complexity of the transportation of general cargo is to ensure control of the quality of the packaging and careful handling of it throughout the transportation route. The peculiarity of transportation is that the general cargo is not subjected to reloading, as a rule, they are delivered in the same cargo container (most often container) from the place of loading and departure to the point of destination. General cargo moves through one set of accompanying documents, if it is not associated with a change of the mode of transport, since it completely takes up cargo capacity,

The absence of the need to perform additional operations on the compilation of delivery and modular routes or cargo handling when it is sent from one sender to one recipient leads to a reduction in the time for delivery of general cargo.


The company "BALTRA" provides international sea freight throughout the world, while we guarantee high quality and minimum time for the delivery of your goods.

Our experts will select the best way and route for you to transport cargo, will constantly monitor the movement of cargo along the way, transfer information to you and ensure the safety and efficiency of cargo transportation.

The main activities of LLC "BALTRA" in the field of maritime freight are:

  • transportation of goods by containers;

  • transportation of heavy loads;

  • transportation of oversized cargo.

The company "Baltra" provides services to almost all types of cargo transportation, among them: international transportation of goods by sea, which include the delivery of goods from China, USA, Europe, Asia, Turkey. The most efficient are container shipping.
If we consider such a parameter as long distances, international maritime transport will significantly reduce the costs for transporting goods to America, Asia, China, and transportation of goods to Germany can be done by road. And for Turkey, the freight from which to our country has long since become widespread, as it is close to Russia, sea transportation is one of the most efficient and simple in terms of customs clearance, as they do not fall during transportation to the territory of other countries . For the delivery of goods Germany - Russia, there are both land and sea routes, each of them has its pros and cons, depending on the nature of the cargo and its volume.

International container shipping The company "BALTRA" organizes international container shipping of imported and export cargoes in containers by sea through the Sea Port of St. Petersburg to anywhere in the world. We transport any cargo using containers of all types and sizes, including hazardous cargo and oversized cargo.

The Baltra company is ready to offer low prices for container shipping from China and other countries of Southeast Asia:

China - shipping container from 1518 USD
Japan - shipping container from 1585 USD
Korea - shipping container from 1490 USD

Interesting prices for the transportation of containers from Europe:

Estonia - delivery of 40 'containers from 900 Euros. To accurately calculate the cost of containerized cargo transportation, you must send a request to our email address, in which you specify the name of the cargo, its weight, place of loading, place of delivery, which container you plan to load.

Our company provides all stages of transportation:

Supply the required type of container for container shipments to the place of loading.
Transportation of containers by sea, control of cargo at all stages of transportation and informing the client.
Forwarding in the Sea Port of St. Petersburg at all terminals.
Customs clearance of goods, including clearance of transportation according to the procedure of internal customs transit (transition).
Organization of inspection of cargo (customs, veterinary, quarantine).
Container weighing organization.
Transportation by road (transfer) to the place of unloading.

Sea container transportation is a modern and economical type of cargo transportation, used both in domestic and international communications. Container transportation of goods reduces transport costs in the cost of production, as it is the most cost-effective way to deliver cargo according to the ruble-kilometer ratio, as well as the most convenient way for loading, unloading and further land transportation. By the way, transportations from China and Turkey are carried out by containers. Sea container shipments are most effective in areas such as Russia-America, Russia-Germany, Southeast Asia and China, in view of the large volumes of goods transported.

We also offer exclusive services for the organization of sea container transportation of import and export cargo in containers by sea through the Sea Port of St. Petersburg to anywhere in the world (China, the countries of Southeast Asia, Europe, America).


The domestic market of international road transport is growing every year. The volume of imports and exports to Russia and the CIS countries is increasing. Such a positive dynamic testifies above all to the development of international relations.

According to statistics, road transport accounts for about half of the annual cargo transportation by all modes of transport. The advantages of road transport can be attributed to its relative cheapness (in comparison with air transportation), then you can monitor the process of cargo transportation in real time using satellite technology (GPS) - obtaining accurate information about the location of the cargo and its speed of movement.

Automobile container transportations, as well as all types of transportations in our company, are professionally planned at all stages of transportation by our specialists. When choosing a car container shipping service in our company, you can not worry about the result, as we deal with trusted partners, carriers and well-known insurance companies around the world.

We have extensive experience in road transport, so if you are interested in road transport within the country or abroad, we recommend that you rely on our experience.

Road transport may be of interest to customers of multimodal transport. Order from us container car transportation - and we will do everything clearly and professionally!

Automobile cargo delivery services:

Shipping container and oversized cargo from the seaport to the warehouse of the recipient.
Freight transport by cars of various payloads;
International transport of groupage cargo;
Transportation of transit cargo in a container under customs control;
Docking container transportation by rail and sea;
Customs clearance of imports;
Customs clearance of export;
Trucking in Russia and international road transport.

Trucking in Russia is a great alternative to railway transport. To date, trucking occupy a large share of the freight market, being a reliable and operational mode of transportation. Therefore, road haulage is preferred by most commercial and manufacturing companies.

We offer the best combination of quality and price of road transport. Cargo security is one of the main principles of the company. Our clients can be sure that transportation by road in Russia, international road transport of goods will be made on the optimal route, and the cargo will be delivered to its destination in full safety and on time.

Reliable road freight in Russia and the CIS, international transport, customs clearance of import / export To determine the cost of container shipping, you need to know the size of the container, the name of the cargo, its weight, and the shipping address.

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We also offer container transportation by rail, while we can guarantee the control of the cargo at all stages of its movement. Railway container transportation is in great demand among industrial enterprises sending their products by carriage norms and have railway lines at their disposal. Since the tariffs for rail transportation are quite low, railway transportation can also be used by companies that send large volumes of cargo. As a rule, international and domestic cargo transportation by rail is in demand at oil refineries, enterprises of the agro-industrial complex and mining companies. No less popular are carriages by intermediary firms and distributors. Also containerized freight transport can be a link in the logistics chain,

Baltra company transports containers in all directions of Russia, CIS countries, Europe and the world. Also carried out container transportation China (shipping from China). We guarantee high quality and minimum terms for the delivery of your goods. Our experts control the movement of cargo along the route and ensure the safety and efficiency of container transportation.

Container shipping is a modern and economical type of cargo transportation used in both domestic and international communications. Cargo delivery by container reduces transport costs in the cost of production.

To calculate the cost of shipping a container, you must send a request to our e-mail address, in which you should indicate the name of the cargo, its weight, place of loading, place of delivery, which container you plan to load.


A full range of door-to-door container delivery services, i.e. multi modal transportation of the container from the warehouse of the sender to the warehouse of the recipient. Includes shipping container by sea, road and rail.

Multimodal transportation affects many factors: the type of cargo transported, the choice of vehicle: sea and air routes, car, railway, and other factors. Each type of vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages, and in prektik they have to be combined. So, trucking is usually the final link when transporting to hard-to-reach areas.

Transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most complex and costly methods of transportation, since such goods require special equipment and conditions. And in case of international cargo transportation, additional permits for import and export will be required. Therefore, one of the most convenient and therefore very popular type of transportation is container transportation.

Since containers have standard sizes, they can be transported by various modes of transport. And while the goods will not shift again and again, thus avoiding damage to the cargo.

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